World’s Oldest Cancer Case

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September 14, 2017

World’s Oldest Cancer Case

The oldest cancer case in the world was found in a hominid fossil of 1.7 million years.

Scientists working on evolution in South Africa announced that they came across the world’s oldest cancer case in the 1.7-million-year-old hominid fossil found in the Swartrans region.

The discovery of the 1.7-million-year-old ankle bone fossil found in Swartkrans, which is called Beaks of Man, and which is said to have absolutely malignant cancers, dates back to the very beginning of history. Although the type of footbone that belonged to it was not certain, it was said that it belonged to a hominid species.

The malignant cancer in the fossil foot paw is indicative of a cancer that affects young people, usually in young people, and results in premature death if not treated. It is not known whether the fossil belongs to an adult hominine or a hominine. In addition, experts do not yet know whether cancer is causing hominin death. But because it was a rather painful situation, it must have affected his walking or running. In this case, escaping from predators may be quite difficult.

Scientists using a variety of X-Ray technologies have found that during their work in the Swartkrans archaeological area, one of their toes is opaque when they encounter this fossil. A healthy bone would have to be empty. Comparison of biopsy specimens of today’s cancer patients reveals that the opacity found in the fossil is caused by cancer.

Modern medicine tended to assume that cancer and tumors emerge because of people’s lifestyles and environments. With this study, it was revealed that the origins of these diseases existed millions of years before industrialized societies appeared, and even more modern people were absent.

Another group of researchers found a fossil showing 2 million years of benign tumors in the Malapa region. The tumor was found in the backbone of a child of Australopithecus sedge. This tumor, located on the back of the body and in the fossil of a child, is a first in human fossil history in terms of these features.

The earliest hominid tumor previously found was found on a Neanderthath ridge and dated to 120,000 years ago.

With these two discoveries, it proved to be quite old, contrary to what is believed to be the origin of tumor and cancer.

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