3 Prisons to Visit

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September 14, 2017

3 Prisons to Visit

Prisons are often known as dark places where many difficulties are experienced. These constructions, like other historical places, are like a window depicting the political history of an country, its view of crime and punishment, and its laws concerning freedom and human rights. Every year, millions of people all over the world are witnessing their own history and their inner world on the hazy corridors of prisons.


Texas Prison Museum


The Texas Prison Museum displays a wooden chair with leather pieces. Although it looks like an object belonging to the classical age, there are no pearls on this chair. Instead, there are leather ties that are used to connect the hands and ankles, and through these ties, electricity passes and the body reaches its body. It is a different experience to see these kinds of jails belonging to prisons.


Old Melbourne Gaol

Between 1842 and 1929, Old Melbourne Gaol was hosting the worst criminals in Australia. Serial killer Frederick Bailey stayed here. When this prison was used, 133 people were executed here and buried in the garden of the prison as unnamed graves. One of the most interesting parts of Gaol is death masks. After a prisoner is executed, the head is shaved and the face is plastered and masks are made in this way.


Tuol Sleng, Cambodia

This building, previously used as a high school, has been converted into a prison where thousands of people will be exposed to torture. Thousands of men, women, and children have been found in corpses.. With the change of regime in 1979, Tuol Sleng was transformed into a museum. The museum symbolizes the loss of life of about 17 million people as a result of genocide.

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